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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

Dedicated and fair practices are in place for the assessment and registration of internationally educated applicants. Policies and procedures are documented, consistently followed and periodically reviewed to ensure effectiveness.

This standard is the overarching benchmark that aligns with the principal purpose of The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act to review, improve and ensure fair registration practice for internationally educated applicants (IEAs).  The elements, criteria and explanations outlined in this document further define the Fairness Standard and help articulate the type of actions required to meet the Fairness Standard.


The Fairness Standard and Guide (left) is designed for the purpose of evaluating the fairness of assessment and registration practice. To be properly applied, it needs to be interpreted in light of the remedial or problem-solving intent of Manitoba’s fairness legislation, specifically “improving professional recognition processes for skilled individuals educated outside of Canada”. Consequently evaluating the fairness of any practice or policy is a practical matter identifying its impact on the fair, timely and effective registration of IEAs with an eye to whether change is feasible and would improve practice.

The OMFC’s initial review with Manitoba regulators involved a broad evaluation of registration and assessment practice. Motivated to improve and evolve practice, the 2016-17 review saw a more selective and targeted use of a slightly revised standard. Registration practice was evaluated with the elements and criteria covering the critical issues of timeliness, the recognition of professional work experience and supervised practice opportunities. Varying by profession, other elements and criteria were also enlisted to address additional areas where significant progress opportunities were identified.


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